What is your favourite stone crystal?

I want to ask any of you if you wish to share with me which is your favourite stone/crystal and why?

I have always carried amethyst – and i know it depends on one’s mood and needs at specific times – but I am interested to learn from others what their experiences are.

I have been using hematite; lapis; rose quartz; honey calcite and apophyllite lately. All great.
And I have a very strong reaction – a pulling feeling – from snowflake obsidian – and I thought I had very little negative energy.. oh well, go figure!


  • Although I truly love so many of them as I also design jewelry with them, there are two that are my favorites – lapis and rhodochrosite… Lapis I love because it gives me such a warm feeling and I know that it helps me with my intuition… I love rhodochrosite because of it’s beauty… It reminds me of strawberries and cream…


  • My favorite stone is amber, due to its healing properties. Quartz is another favorite of mine, it energizes me.


  • I have and love so many stones that it’s difficult to pick just a few.  I love Malachite, Rose Quartz, Citrine, Quantum Quattro Silica, Amethyst, Infinite (I have many of them in varying colors and sizes), Hematite (for grounding, which I need) and clear Quartz crystal… in particular quartz clusters and points.  I love clusters for many reasons.  If you have a large one, it will cleanse your other gemstones.  But I just love the varieties of clusters…how they look…their energy…etc.  They’re special.  I also love almost any crystal or gemstone that has a rainbow in it.  I like my lithium points too.

I too like Honey Calcite as well as green Calcite in a chunky form.  I like Lapis for it’s unusual gold mixed in with the blue.  I also love Ametrine (a mix between Amethyst and Citrine).  Something about that that I’m attracted to. To be honest, I love so many different types of stones that I could go on forever on the subject!  I guess that’s why we’re all here, eh?  Happy stone hunting!


  • It is my experience that not everyone IS attuned to crystal energy. Some have to be ‘trained” to put themselves in a state of mind to be able to feel the energies, yet some never can, its a highly individual thing. I have been blessed with the ability to feel these energies, no problem.. yet there are still stones that even for me have no real effect on me, such as jet or serpentine, and consequently those that are VERY strong, such as kunzite, herkimer diamonds, lithium quartz, etc… Also stones literally vibrate at higher/lower frequencies , so I’m sure this affects their power. Its all individual. hope this helps.


  • I have a friend who does not feel the energy of stones, doesn’t believe stones have energy, is this just because maybe he isn’t open to that energy? I have had him hold several of my stones and he says he feels nothing. Is this unusual?


  • The stones may or may not be speaking to him. There are some stones I hold where I feel almost nothing, whereas others are very reactive to me. Whenever I hold lepidolite or any other high lithium content stone I feel a buzzing so much I can hear it in my ears. I am also bipolar and these stones are used to help with this condition. Sometimes I will wear a stone and feel nothing out of the ordinary, but as I reach to take it off I notice my mood has drastically changed.

Just because I don’t always perceive the energy of the stone doesn’t mean I assume that it doesn’t have energy. It may be that your friend has an internal energy block that is affecting his ability to sense the energy of the stones… in fact that is what I am picking up right now. You might try having him hold a rhodochrosite stone and see what happens. He won’t feel anything at first, but gradually he may.

I don’t feel much when I hold a stone in my right hand, the left hand is different and the area between my eyebrows is extremely sensitive. I sometimes meditate a bit for positive energy first so I am better able to sense the energy of the stone or crystal.

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