Reiki Crystal Grids

I’m a Reiki Master and I’m very interested in learning more about the Reiki crystal/stone grids that can be used under my Reiki table.  How do you do that?  Do you do it the same way as you would when laying stones on the person?  Do you use that in combination with laying the stones on the person?  What are the benefits of using the stones under the table as opposed to on the person?  I’ve had great sucess with the laying on of stones method and would like to continue to learn more.  Thanks.


  • In response to the using of stones on self.

I am a Reiki Master/teacher and a Master/teacher in other Reiki Modalities as well as a Practitioner/Teacher of a new Healing Modality called Serenity Vibration Healing, TM Technique working out of the Heart Chakra.  Jill Marie Wood channels the Christ Consciousness energy through her healing work and teaching and her books are channelled as well “The Light Thing To Do” copyrighted.

I have always used stones in my self healing work as well as on others.  I let myself be the channel and I am guided as to which stones to lay where and on what chakra. With self I use the same guidance, and this can be asked in many ways, you will find that asking for the guidance will be different for each person. I lay down for my self healing and the laying of stones on each chakra or energy point that has been guided will lay down on the very spot that you were guided to place the stone, I once sat/stood up and walked to the door a good distance and returned afterward to lay down and replace the stones during a self session, and had a lapis lazuli stone on my third eye/forehead chakra and it was stuck on my forehead!  it did no fall off!  so the laying of stones is essential to me in my healing ministry and to place stones on others.

I also use Reiki Crystal Grids laying them in a pattern under the Reiki Treatment table and around the room and on my alter. I also use Crystal Wands and Terminated Crystals like lasers to a particular spot I am guided to pay attention to.  It is most important to cleanse your crystals after each use as they hold some of the energies that you have cleared from either yourself or others.  I sometimes refer to this as sludge.. or residue.
Either way, the Crystal Kingdom is a most incredible tool in your Healing Ministry.

An excellent reference book for Crystals is called Love is in the Earth  “A Kaleidoscope of Crystals” updated by MELODY
a reference book Describing the Metaphysical Properties of the Mineral Kingdom..


  • In answer to your questions, I use the Crystal Grid under the treatment table, and I use stones/crystals on the person on the table or on self as well by laying the stones on the chakra points as guided and sometimes I use the stones that correspond with the chakra colors!

So any combination of use of the grids with the use of the stones on the chakras I even place the terminated crystals in each hand on self or for a client with the pointed end outward in the left hand and the other hand the point of the crystal inward. It gets the flow of energy moving inward and outward.


  • Also I do no name the symbols because other people reading whom are not Reiki Masters and no attuned to any level of Reiki cannot hear the sacred symbols.

Firstly make sure you Clear and Charge your Crystals or Gemstones:
Ask for the presence of the God of your understanding, and then ask to be surrounded and protected in white light.

While holding the Crystal or Gemstone between your palms, visualize the power symbols (Master Symbols) going into them.
The first symbol is to open the stone’s aura and charge the stone,
the second symbol will clear the crystal of negative energy,
the third symbol will program the crystal (set intent),
Silently state the intended purpose of the stone.  Eg:
“I will use this when wanting to achieve a particular goal”
“I will use this stone to help my Reiki clients.”
“This will be my personal healing Crystal.”  ” I intend for this crystal to be completely cleared of all negative energies and to be charged with God’s white light.”
the fourth symbol is for healing self or others (specific request), or for clearing all crystals at the same time.
the last and 5th master symbol asking that the stone become “self-clearing from this time forward ” this means that the stone will work to clear itself.  It will need clearing far less often; test with a pendulum to see if it needs clearing each time you work with it, or ask if it is needing clearing.

***Unclear stones can actually make the receiver of their energy in a healing feel sick.***


The Reiki Grid
Take a picture of your self and sign your name on the back also draw the master symbols on the back, include an empowering affirmation such as:  “I am perfectly protected and healed now and on every level of my being so that my greatest spiritual purpose is completely fulfilled”
or “I allow the Love and Wisdom of my highest spiritual guides to protect, heal and empower me to fulfill my true spiritual purpose”  or “Higher Self guide me and heal me so that I might be of greater service to others”,  or “I allow myself to heal so that my Reiki healing energies become stronger and stronger and stronger” Use any of these or your intuition to guide you to make your own affirmations.

If you have a person who you would like to send distant Reiki to or a project or a goal you would like to empower with Reiki, write it out on a piece of paper and draw out the Master Symbols over it and place the paper inside the Reiki Grid.  Then you “charge your grid” (I will get to this) and your grid will continuously send Reiki to heal the person on the piece of paper or manifest the goal.


Treatment Tables
You place the four or six sided grid on the floor underneath the treatment table or massage table if you are a Masseuse.  You may place a crystal grid under your bed or chair or you can make the whole room a crystal grid by using the four corners of the room and the center place a crystal.  Then charge the Grid as below.

For healing purposes  there are two of many different crystal energy grid fields.  The four sided grid emulates a pyramid.  It creates a field of bio energy. Anything within it’s field will absorb, store, or use this energy.  I use a four sided and a six sided grid.  The six sided crystal grid pattern is a little more complex.  It is used to create and hold emotionally charged thought forms within a specific area.  It is also a first choice for absent-healing or distant healing.  It is the most stable grid field and connects you to the natural forces of Mother Earth.

A four sided Crystal Grid begins by choosing 5 crystals/stones and laying them down in a specific pattern. Beginning with imagining how the points would look as you look down on the top of a pyramid or diamond pattern position one for a crystal is at the very north end of the diamond shape then the 2nd stone is to the west or left then the 3rd is to the exact opposite of the 1st position or to the south then the 4th position is exactly opposite of the 2nd position or to the right/east then you place a stone in the center. It does not matter which kind of crystal(s) you use however they must all be the same kind of crystal.

For practical purposes, they should all be members of the quartz family.  All five can be clear quartz, or amethyst, but all five should be the same, not mixed.  Hold a crystal in your right hand. Point the crystal at the number 5 crystal position in the center. Imagine you see a beam of light move from the center crystal to number one to form a rod of solid light connecting the number five/center crystal to the number one position crystal. Send another rod of light over from number one in the north position down to the number two in the left position, connecting one and two. Now complete the triangle by sending another connecting rod of light from number two to the center/number 5 position. The sequence of connections numerically is 5-1-2-5.
Next send the light back to number two, over to number three in the south and back to the center, number 5.  The second triangular sequence is 5-2-3-5.
The fourth and last connecting triangle is from five to four to one and back to five, the sequence is 5-4-1-5.


Six Sided Grid
Take seven crystals. Arrange six of them equidistantly in a circle. You have a hexagon, a six sided geometric form. Place the seventh crystal in the center of the hexagon.
Number the crystals from one to seven.  The top outer crystal is number one. Number two is the crystal to the left of number one. Numbers three, four, five, and six are the next four crystals around the circle, counting from right to left.    Crystal number seven is in the center.

Activate the grid by pointing a crystal at number 7 in the center and drawing an imaginary rod of light out to crystal number 1, over to number 2, and from 2 back to 7.  You can see that this is a triangle, just like we did with the four sided grid. The sequence is 7-1-2-7.

Retrace a line of light back to number 2 from 7, from 7 over to 3 from 3 and back to number 7.  The second triangle is complete and that sequence was 7-2-3-7.
Next, send a beam of light back to number 3, over to 4, and back to 7.  This new sequence  is 7-3-4-7.
Continue to make triangles around the circle by sending a beam of light from 7 back to 4, over to 5, and back to 7.  the sequence is 7-4-5-7.
Go back to 5, over to 6, and back to 7, 7-5-6-7.
To complete the grid, go from 7 to 6 to 1 and back to 7.  7-6-1-7.

You now have a six sided Pyramid. It also resembles a crystal as seen straight on. Point your activating crystal at crystal number 7 or the center crystal and repeat the Light Invocation out loud three times. “I invoke the Light of the Christ within. I am a clear and perfect channel.  The Light is my Guide.”

The Grid is activated.


Warning:  do not move the crystals after you have attached and activated them. It will break the energy flow. If you do, you must reactivate the whole grid.  Treatment tables can be moved as long as this does not move the crystals where they are attached to the table.  Once the crystal is positioned in its time space, it must not be moved from that spot or the grid is inactivated and you will have to recharge the whole grid.

Reactivate the grids every 30 days to strengthen the thought-forms in them.

I remove the crystal grid when I finish a treatment it is a matter of choice or preference for each individual. When you take or deactivate the grid “thank your higher power and the crystals and then say you are released.”

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