Kansas Pop Rocks – depression, anxiety and insomnia

My mood and energy levels have been swinging up and down, and up and down so much for the last several weeks. It’s kinda getting boring!

One of the stones that I reach for are the bojis/kansas pop rocks for depression, anxiety and insomnia, especially insomnia.

I have also used them for physical pains with good success. Had a severely sprained ankle about a year ago and sat on the couch with boji’s all around… That brought a great deal of relief !!!

I’ve also just started working with the auralite-23 crystals which bring a calming energy among other things. lol

Also have several rocks/crystals that I can’t fully id. Would it be OK to post pics to see if anyone can? these are stones that will eventually go to the eBay store.


  • Hi, I’m curious – what are Kansas Pop Rocks?
  • Kansas pop rocks are the same as what are called Shaman Stones. Boji Stones are a trade name for stones that are collected in only one area by one person. Authentic Boji Stones come with a COA and they are in pairs only. the Pop Rocks are not in pairs and are used singly. The Poprocks and Boji stones are also different in composition. You can definitely tell the difference when you have them in your hand. :-)
  • Just to clarify “Boji” is a registered trademark from Karen Gillespie who first discovered them, many, may years ago.

Kansas Pop Rocks are the same stone just collected by others.
Either way they are usually used in pairs, although large ones can be used singly as generators.

Functionally they have the ability to repair holes in the auric fields. They don’t absorb negativity, but can be depleted.

I also have some small “Boji” pairs but haven’t gotten them up as yet.

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