Infinite Stone

Steven Rosley discovered one could say Infinite in South Africa.. it is actually a form or is comprised of Serpentine and I believe something else.
Called the “healers stone”.. it was renamed by Rosley and is now included in Melody’s newest version of her book, Love Is In The Earth. I was looking around on his website for more info but it may be that some of what I’ve read is in past email newsletters. At any rate most of the Infinite that one may see at stores or on the net is bought from shows through Rosley, it’s an amazing stone   :)

Infinite imparts strength through gentleness and tenderness, good when a strong and powerful stone will not break through an energy that needs a soft touch. Its energy protects us. Used for centuries to redirect poison, venomous creatures are kept at bay when carried, or their poison extracted. Stimulates a softer pathway for the Kundalini, clearing of clouded chakras, and opening of crown. Meditative state enhancer.

Will order any area in body, emotional or mental structure; requires focus. Infinite evolves our sense of control. With it we release control over others. Maintain control in our life. Helps to understand the occurrences in our lives to better integrate the knowledge and approach the situation for its best culmination. Creates a bonding action between one and the object of one’s desires, while allowing release at the proper time when the need has been fulfilled. Energy of resourcefulness, instills sincerity. Stimulates awareness of ways we control, clears antiquated bonds, allowing recognition of true self. Telepathic receptivity and projection strengthened. Treatment of veins, pores, lungs, chronic fatigue and tissue regeneration.”


  • I picked up a few of these stones from Steve at the Heaven and Earth Conference in VT, and also a Kwan Yin carved form in Infinite from Steve in Cincinnati, Ohio. What a wonderfully peaceful stone. Everyone I gave a piece to has thoroughly enjoyed its gentle healing energies. You’ll love it!


  • “dolomitised serpentine” or “serpentinised dolomite” (take your pick), there is a large deposit just east of Pretoria and I’m not sure if its the same stuff Steve sells.. Pretoria and Wits Clubs have been collecting at this particular site for years… last year I personally collected about 200 kg.


  • Infinite! I bought a piece from Steven Rosley a few years ago at a holistic fair. Of course, I gave that away and needed another… So please permit me to add some comments about the stone here. I want to give you another testimonial to add to the already great list of uses for this stone, Infinite.

Let me say that as a shamanic practitioner, Infinite is a terrific journeying companion. By that I mean shamanic journeying, not long distance travel. When I hold Infinite in my receptive hand while I am entering the shamanic state of consciousness, I am brought to different spirit helpers than usual, those who have curing power, especially Snake. As a form of Serpentine, Infinite is able to draw on the power of Snake to effect cures and healing. If you work at all with Native American spirituality or have read about it, you know that Snake Medicine is coveted by Medicine people. I believe that is because it indicates the shaman will have great curing power over physical illness.

Let me give a more specific example of how it works. While I was journeying to find a cure for enlarged Spleen, I was holding Infinite in my hand. The drumming began and I was taken to Snake and shown both the answer of how to deal with the ailment and a demonstration of what was happening inside the person’s body. The snake was a Cobra. In that vision, it flared out and began striking me repeatedly. It was both doing and telling me how to deal with the swollen spleen. It had flared out to show the swelling.

The Cobra said, “The splenic acid is too much. It must diminish”. Then the striking suggested that the Spleen’s own acid was what was attacking the body elsewhere and causing the pain. This was a powerful experience and one which shows that the old “lore” we have about the stone being associated with Snake and helping with venomous conditions is not so far off the mark.
Having too much splenic acid in the body is very like having a venomous condition. So that is how Infinite worked on the journey. Please feel free to share this with other practitioners, so they’ll know there is yet another important way in which this stone can be useful.

The old shamans and Medicine Men knew that holding and working with the stone Serpentine brought them Snake power, so that may have had a role in the naming of the original mineral. Infinite, as a form of it, has a broader spectrum of power and works more smoothly, but like a snake whose movement is very fluid and easy, both of these stones work without a jolt and without lots of starts and stops. The Snake image is a good one to keep in mind for this stone, regardless of whether you are using the variety that is called Serpentine or Infinite. And may I suggest using it together with Golden Healer/ Imperial Gold Quartz?

Golden Healer can transform negative energy into a positive healing power. When you have released some negativity into the atmosphere, you need a way to turn it into something positive, otherwise you ‘muddy’ the healing space and eventually someone with a susceptibility to the negative energy picks it up again. Better to transform it into a healing power with Golden Healer. So if you release something with Infinite, be sure you go behind and clean that released energy up. I am sure other stones work for this purpose also, but nothing has worked as well that I have seen, as Golden Healer Quartz.


  • I gave  my daughter an Infinite and it got her through an abscessed tooth till she could get to the dentist!!  Made a believer out of her!!  Her jaw was swollen like they show in cartoons, but holding the stone to it alleviated the pain for a long while.

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