Healing Crystals for Cats

I have a lovely red and white kitty who is a senior cat, going to be 15 yrs. soon!! He does have some kidney issues and some tummy sensitivities too. He is being treated by the vet for these conditions but sure does like to ‘hang out’ right next to my crystal altar!!

I have a wand that is made of a selenite base, with carnelian on one end and orange calcite on the other… I’ve used this on him on occasion (and the colors of it sure go with Jasper’s coat!) but, for a kidney-specific and/or overall cat health and vitality, are there some other crystals I could use on him?
Thank you so much!


  • I would strongly recommend jade as a stone to help with kidney issues. I hope this helps your kitty – I lost my beloved cat Morrigan in January to acute kidney failure, which we didn’t know she had until it was too late to do anything to save her – I did try jade with her but the problems were too far gone unfortunately.

Love and light to you and Jasper!


  • One simple method that has worked for us on many pets is to keep a crystal in the water dish for them/ we use a larger herkimer diamond but any quartz will do and ESP use some intention for specifics…


  • May seem strange, but if you can visualize his aura, this may help tell you what stone he needs. My cat died of this same condition. The cat I have now is very healthy with a pink to yellow aura. Blood stone is helpful for general vitality and purification.


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