Disappearing Crystals

50 days of 50mm - #20/50 - healing  crystals


Can someone please tell me why crystals “disappear”. I’ve had two people who said that their crystals “disappeared”. Is there a reason for this?

  • Crystals leave our lives because, they have fulfilled their contract with their human and they are ready to return to the earth once more. Of course there may be more explanations but this one is what I found to be true for me  :)
  • There are many reasons why crystals disappear!  Something that I discovered is that Crystals have time Portals and sometimes you may have had Crystals reappear? as well?  If you have that is a result of “you” in another time-frame trying to give yourself  a signal, trying to say, “I am here” like bread crumbs that Hanzel & Gretel left behind them… that is the Crystal Portal… bringing back crystals as clues of discovery…
  • You know, now that you mention it, I used to wear a beautiful rainbow moonstone all the time, and I have not been able to find it for almost a  year!  The last time I remember seeing it, it was in my jewelry box.

Yes, I would be very interested to know about this too.

  • If you look into how crystals came into being you will find that they are light beings some sort of being punished for their deeds and remain in the inside of earth. It is said that crystals choose persons like cats. Their main purpose of coming to somebody – though most may not know & follow it – is to be connected to the higher consciousnesses of their colour rays so that their return back to home is facilitated. They feel very happy then and whoever does it for them, they try to help as they also gain access to lot of occult records, they then guide people.

A time comes when they either feel that the person concerned is not interested in taking their help or their part is finished, then they would go back to their original source.

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