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Can someone please tell me why crystals “disappear”. I’ve had two people who said that their crystals “disappeared”. Is there a reason for this?

  • Crystals leave our lives because, they have fulfilled their contract with their human and they are ready to return to the earth once more. Of course there may be more explanations but this one is what I found to be true for me  :)
  • There are many reasons why crystals disappear!  Something that I discovered is that Crystals have time Portals and sometimes you may have had Crystals reappear? as well?  If you have that is a result of “you” in another time-frame trying to give yourself  a signal, trying to say, “I am here” like bread crumbs that Hanzel & Gretel left behind them… that is the Crystal Portal… bringing back crystals as clues of discovery…
  • You know, now that you mention it, I used to wear a beautiful rainbow moonstone all the time, and I have not been able to find it for almost a  year!  The last time I remember seeing it, it was in my jewelry box.

Yes, I would be very interested to know about this too.

  • If you look into how crystals came into being you will find that they are light beings some sort of being punished for their deeds and remain in the inside of earth. It is said that crystals choose persons like cats. Their main purpose of coming to somebody – though most may not know & follow it – is to be connected to the higher consciousnesses of their colour rays so that their return back to home is facilitated. They feel very happy then and whoever does it for them, they try to help as they also gain access to lot of occult records, they then guide people.

A time comes when they either feel that the person concerned is not interested in taking their help or their part is finished, then they would go back to their original source.

justinshelley1 asked Crystals, Gems,& Healing Stones?

Crystals, Gems & Healing Stones - what do you clean these with to take away the negative energy from use? I'm not sure, I was told to clean the healing stones I have with Sea Salt, If so would I clean the Crystals and Gems too ?,

And got the following answer:

There are many ways to clear crystals of negative energy. Here are some suggestions: Outside method: Place in sunlight (see sunlight chart below), moonlight or rain (see water method) for up to a day. Placing the stone on or near a plant often quickens the process. Crystal method: If the stone is small small, place it on a quartz or amethyst cluster. The cluster should be dedicated to this purpose with a clear intent. Clean your cluster every month or two in rain or sunlight if possible. Amethyst geodes work well too. This is a great way to clean necklaces! Sage tea method: This is very effective with less possibility of damaging crystals. Since there are many crows and other birds who love bright shiny objects where she lives, she found out the hard way that setting crystals outside to wash in the rain and bask in the sun (or moonlight) was not going to work for her. Take fresh sage if available and brew a pot of light tea; allow it to cool. Place your crystals in a bowl (use glass if possible) and pour the cooled tea over them. Hathor leaves hers in the sage tea overnight. Then remove them and rinse with clean, pure water. Since there are chemicals in most water systems you may prefer to use a gallon of distilled water. If you can safely place crystals outside for nature to cleanse that is perfect, though you'll need to be able to distinguish which stones cleanse best by moonlight and which stones cleanse best by solar. Smudge method: Pass stones through the smoke of a scented incense such as sweetgrass, frankincense, sage or Dragon's Blood. Passing them through a candle flame also works. Water method: Place stones under alternating hot and cold running water for 5 minutes (or in the rain for many hours). I place stones in a plastic strainer and then alternate the hot and cold running water from the sink. It is good to have a water filter on your tap to filter out chemicals. This is quick and easy but has drawbacks: some stones loose their coatings when they get wet. Use caution with lapis, malachite and sodalight as they may get damaged faster. Cleaning these stones in the sun or moonlight works fine. [Note: Stones really like the rain. It cleans much better than the usual water method when the weather cooperates.] Sea salt method: use 1 cup of sea salt to 2 cups natural spring water. Place stones in the salt, and let them soak for the better part of the day. If the day is sunny, let them dry in the sunshine for a few hours, or if you have lunar stones, lay in the moonlight on a windowsill through the night. BEWARE: polish may be removed using this method. Sand method: when all else fails or you are having a hard time cleaning something, bury it in moist sand (or soil). No wrappings. It will get gems clean but be aware that the polish is often removed when this method is used. Mirror Method: Place the gemstones on a mirror over night to clean them. Light Method: Bathe your gemstones in imaginary light and/or sound until clean. I only use this method when I am in a hurry. Freezer Method: Place stones in freezer overnight.

Perdie asked healing with gemstones,crystals etc?

Im just wondering how we know certain stones, such as rose quartz,amethyst or crystal for example, have certain properties such as healing etc MORPORC tell me more please (and i just used the word 'healing' as a collective really cos I couldnt think of owt else lol)

And got the following answer:

Most gemlore was made up in the last fifty years or so - as a way of taking money off gullible new agers. Traditional gemmology is hardly ever about healing (gems have other meanings and functions in the true hermetic tradition). But new agers aren't interested in actually learning stuff, they just like wearing bling.

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