Crystal Color Healing and Aura

I have some questions that hopefully I’m not the only one who would be interested in the answers to.

1. If the color is right, does it matter what kind of stone it is, such as some of the stones I have found in gravel pits?

2. Can anyone give my some tips on how I can learn to see an Aura?

3. I have seen things and pictures of people placing large flat black stones on a persons back in various places. Can anyone tell me what that is they are doing and what kind of stones they use?


  • For me if you use a crystal for colour healing and or crystal light healing it is OK to use any type of stone as long as the colour is right. Other modalities and uses for crystals may have specifically set or asked for crystals of a certain colour, for example, I have a crystal light healing meditation which specifically asks for 2 crystals one green (any choice of crystal) and one blue Lapis crystal. The meditation uses the color symbolism as guided from a colour therapy book for the crystal of your choice but with the set colour, so I feel that it is very OK to use any ‘Right’ Coloured Crystal or ‘Rock’.


  • Now many people can see the Aura and many can’t, I find that most people are easily taught to ‘See’ the Aura but it is up to the individual to transcend to see the full structure of the Aura and soul. With this amazing gift you can therefore see from a 4th dimensional perspective and many from this level can see the first harmonic universe network of the Aura (the 1st 3 layers), the healing energies used In Rieki the Shields and Spirits etc.. are also visible from this stage of ‘Seeing’.


Here are 3 helpfull Tips to help with seeing the Energies and the Aura:

a. Remember to breathe Deeply, this allows your Energy to flow calmly and creates a more natural process for the senses, allowing your eyes to become sensitized to the subtle energies and colours of the Aura and the Energies, all of these are visible because of the unique characteristic of light.


b. Relax and Allow, just keep fully relaxed even within your face and allow your eyes to pick up the light being emitted (The Aura) from the body you are ‘Seeing’. One small technique I use is to intend this and to also imagine your eyes Full of Energy, this can help to re-sensitize and awaken your dormant subtle light cells within your eyes and brain so that you can have an increased chance of re-awakening your gift of auric sight.


c. Now the 3rd can be a little tricky but you should always, just before you want to see an Aura with accuracy you should close your eyes and enter and or embody your 4th dimensional body and personal Aura level. This allows you to enter into your 4th dimensional reality consciousness, basically this allows you to enter into a state of mind which is the dimensional perspective of the 4th dimension which is the same level of the Aura, making Auric Sight even easier.


  • Well this is similar to the hot rock therapy I have used, most therapists of Hot Rock Therapy either use water rocks mainly black but some I know also use marble and even granite but basically it is the laying of warm, heated stones on the body which allows the body to release energetic blockages, relax tense muscles.

Or this can also be part of the practice known as Chi Nei Tsang – the practice of internal massage and abdominal massage. The laying of these warm, heated stones allows the organs to relax and enter into a very relaxed but activate state that can be then utilized to be healed and messaged more efficiently.

I hope that this gives some insight and guidance..

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