Cleansing Several Crystals

Can you cleanse several crystals all at in the same bowl by soaking them in saltwater that is exposed to the sunlight? Or, should EACH crystal be in a separate bowl?


  • Crystals grow in caves. They are not big on sunlight.

Some crystals will fade when exposed to sunlight.
Saltwater is fine. However, there is no need to “cleanse a crystal“. Just let go of the fears and start working with it.


  • My use of crystals started as personal use, but I’ve started incorporating some in healing. This includes using combinations of compatible crystals in “medicine bags” for individuals to have in their environment, to using them as part of Reiki. My favorite books on the subject include Katrina Raphaell’s Crystal Healing set and Melody’s Love is in the Earth set of books.

Good point about the caves. A lot of crystals including aquamarine, amethyst, rose quartz, fluorite, celestite, citrine, basically any crystal that can be translucent and have a watery like color will fade in light.

Multiple crystals can go into the sea saltwater bath for cleaning, but I do recommend caution. Softer stones such as malachite and angelite and those with a sheen like labradorite and hematite will be damaged or marred by the corrosive nature of the salt, especially if left in for long (by long, I mean a few hours). Selenite is not a good one to expose to water either. Opals absorb water, so I personally keep away from exposing it to the salt. Also, if the crystal contains any exposed iron, it will rust and make things very messy. Personally, I limit use of salt baths to hard stones (Mohs scale 6.5 or higher) without a sheen such as those in the quartz family, obsidian, tourmaline, and some agates.

Other means to clean crystals include
* Focused intention
* Smudging with a sage smudge stick
* Have crystals sit in sea salt (dry)
* Placing on a Purple Plate (positively charged plate based on principles of Nikola Tesla)
* Placing on a quartz cluster that has been cleaned and programmed for cleaning
* Holding crystals under cool running water
* Putting them out in the moonlight (best during full moon)
* Sunlight is good only for certain stones that can take it (see above) If doing this with clear quartz, be careful it isn’t magnifying the sun’s rays or it will be like trying to fry ants with a magnifying glass…

I’ve used combinations of all of the above methods. Typically I combine intention with something else, especially when I first receive the crystal (sometimes the crystal really does need the physical cleaning too).

I’ve also heard of people putting crystals in a bowl of flower petals, but I haven’t tried that one.

Good luck!


  • Where would one buy a “Tesla” purple plate and where would I find out more about it? Does it also come in bowls? I’d like to know the theory behind it and how it works.


  • You can get them here:
I have bought all of mine through there and love them.
They even have smaller ones that are in the shape of angels that you can use as a necklace. I have used mine for years. My little ones have one under their bed to help them stay healthy..


  • The way I cleanse them is by putting them in a glass bowl with corn meal and have them sit under the full moon for 3 days and nights, then on the 4th day (morning) I clean them with cool water.  Also when I put them out the first night I say a prayer to Grandfather and Grandmother moon.


  • Sometimes I use my large crystal quartz cluster to cleanse my crystals, as well as just running them under water. If I’m in a hurry, running them under water is quick and easy, but if I want a more thorough cleansing I either smudge, put them on a cluster or selenite overnight or some other method. I love the energy of sea salt, but one must be very careful which stones to use that with.

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