What are the powers of Crystals and Stones in a water fountain?

I just recently became interested in the collection of stones. I understand that there are healing powers as well and beauty of these stones when in water. I just purchased some crystals and Infinite stones. I added these to my water fountain with the other stones. What are the powers of the various stones together?   Not enough info here. “Crystal” is a name used to denote leaded, tempered glass. If it is a natural crystal, then it might be quartz, topaz, sapphire, or any of hundreds of natural crystals. Infinite is something I’m not familiar with. So far as I know, there is no natural stone referred to as “Infinite”. I’ve been dealing in gemstones, crystals, and mineral rough for about 30 years.   I have one of these stones. As well as “infinite” it is also known as Sirius.   Thanks for your information on the “Crystal“.  I guess the correct term is Quartz. I have a small long piece.  Please forgive my inexperience.  ... Continue Reading →

Bedwetting – How to stop wetting the bed?

I have a friend with a 9 year old son that has been wetting his bed for about the last 6 months. There are no obvious reasons for him to be wetting. If anyone has any suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated.   You know, I had that problem when I was little, and I know other people who had it also. The doctor always said that that was due to some nervous condition I had. I was a very nervous child (I guess I’m still nervous… I’m at home with a beginning of a depression). Did your friend already took him to the doctor?  Hope he’ll be fine. Anyway, if they do confirm it’s a nervous problem, you can always give him an amethyst. It’s a very good crystal to that.   One of my books suggests Amber, Jasper or Coral for bladder problems. But the reasons for the problem may suggest better healing, if no medical basis has been found perhaps a good Kinesiologist or Homeopathist could help. If you are also in Australia, we have good alternative ... Continue Reading →

How to display Crystals?

I have several crystals at my desk and work area. Some are an unusual shape, and have to lie flat on the surface. I wonder if there is any type of safe putty-like material to use to set the stones in so they can be displayed upright? I’ve seen stones displayed this way on Ebay, and would like to get something similar. Any ideas?     You could use a product called BlueTack it is a 3M product, used to put up posters and notices on walls and not cause damage. It may be called something else in other places but that is what it is called here in Australia. You have to be careful if the crystals are fragile they may be damaged by using this product. I have used this method to display various crystals quite successfully. You could also try trophy shops, Crystal shops and Jewelry stores, many of these have small display stands the could suit your purpose. Not knowing the size and types of crystals its a little hard to make more definite suggestions. I hope this helps.     Try ... Continue Reading →

What Healing Stone for Unborn Baby with Cleft Palate?

I am a biofeedback technician and I ran a report on a 25 year old young man and after it ran over 8000 items giving me the top 2000 “Cleft Palate” showed up on his list – his wife is having a baby and the baby has a “cleft palate”. What stone would you suggest that the mother have close to her on a regular basis for a miracle here or at least allowing for less surgeries once he is born? Next I would like for all those who read this and would like to participate in sending healing to Christopher J. L. in Phoenix, Arizona. He is to be born in September. I am sending him biofeedback energy at no charge to the family. If anyone has any ideas they might share with me to pass onto the family, I would feel honored to do so. The father is doing Reiki daily and I have also asked my psychic associates and religious friends to send prayers and energy to the child. I expect a miracle.   I am a Reiki Master and teacher, as well as have other healing modalities so ... Continue Reading →

Crystals for Anxiety and Depression

What rocks/gems/minerals do you recommend to aid in overcoming depression, anxiety, anger, and overall emotional pain? For self-esteem, the rose calcite and the rose quartz.. Lepidolite may be very helpful for depression, as are Carnelian, Jet, Onyx and Rhodochrosite. Anger the lovely Rose Quartz may help, for anxiety Aventurine, Lapis lazuli or Moonstone. Over all emotional pain, again rose quartz or the gentle chrysoprase may help. There are many others but these are all helpful and perhaps some of them will be what you seek. Hope all is soon better for you.. I usually go by what calls to me in specific situations. I have some great experiences with peridot for depression and red garnet for anger. For depression use calcite or quartz. I live in PA and calcite crystals are abundant. You will also need some clean wood (small twigs would be perfect). Put the stones in a non conductive container (ceramic is best) to prevent smoke stains and use the twigs to produce fire. Bring ... Continue Reading →