Grieving Stones

For those who rock hunt, do you ask the stones permission before removing them from their location? The reason I ask is the last time I was at a rock show I felt an energy of grief, like some of the stones were feeling loss for being removed from the earth. Any thoughts?   – I never ask but I normally end up cutting myself and loosing some blood back to her  like on my last trip of last year… I smashed up some quartz that had tourmaline growing through it… bit big for one hand and it slipped and slashed my fingers… looked rather comical walking around with hankies wrapped around my fingers, luckily I didn’t need stitches… closest hospital was Windhoek about 800km away.. o the joys of rockhounding…   – I find and remove crystals and stones that seek me out… They draw my attention to them, and reveal themselves to me. I always give thanks to Mother Nature for what I take, and offer gifts of tobacco, salt, sugar, food, or some ... Continue Reading →

Repressing anger – Repressed feelings

I spent the bulk of my life repressing anger having been taught it’s a bad thing. instead of speaking out while I was growing up I would internalize. Well, now that I’m getting old I’m having problems dealing with all that pent up anger. I lose my temper quicker, especially while driving. I’m quick with a hateful comment occasionally, etc. it is affecting my health and the powers that be have made it abundantly clear that I’m heading for a stroke if I don’t watch out. Living where I do doesn’t help because every so called “professional” I’ve had to deal with for things from financial issues to automotive repairs has proved incompetent… or just karmically out to see if I’m going to explode. My question then is this: is there a stone/crystal(s) that I would benefit from if I started carrying it as a pocket piece? if you need astrological info I am Gemini on a cancer cusp. or if you are into Chinese astrology a water rabbit. Thanks..   – ... Continue Reading →

Crystal spontaneously chipping

OK, I have a clear quartz crystal that I began to carry around with me about a week ago. I have carried it with me to work, and to events at our church involving prophetics and healing. Last night when I took the crystal out of my pocket I noticed two things. 1. It developed the image of a butterfly inside the crystal (sort of cloudy like inside an ice cube might be, only the cloudy part is shaped like a small butterfly) This is significant to me because butterflies have always been my symbol. Every since I was little I have collected them, drawn them, chased them, etc. 2. It is developing little chips, and one fairly good sized chip at the base. I have only carried this stone in my pocket, or beside my bed while I sleep. It has not been tossed around or anything like that. The characteristics of my crystal are these: It’s about an inch and a half long, and it only has one point. It also has a baby crystal growing out of it. If you hold it to the light it has rainbows in it, the largest ... Continue Reading →

Record Keeper Crystal Activation

It is recommended that you work with a record keeper crystal to achieve the activation. It is not 100% given that everyone will experience the same results so please keep this in mind when you attempt to activate your crystal. To begin the process you should get a record keeper crystal, specifically those with triangles on the faces. I recommend a record keeper around 5 inches with triangles or pyramids on at least one face. I hold the crystal and keep it near me or in my pocket during the course of the day. I usually meditate with it around 2 hours and I always sleep with it under my pillow at night. I try to hold the crystal as much as possible so it can attune to my frequency. Arkansas is the home of many record keepers.   Before Activation – I suggest bonding with the crystal for at least 2 weeks before proceeding to the first activation step. Keep a journal handy so you can document your dreams and synchronicities as they begin to occur. – Perform a Google Search and ... Continue Reading →

Healing Crystals for Autism

I got a 7 years old son who suffers ‘Autism‘. He got sudden fever when he was 3 months old. From that on, he cannot speak, cannot eat except by using the bottle. He also cannot take care of himself even to wear cloth. Until now he’s still wearing pampers. I am thinking of using gemstones as an alternative medicine to my son. Appreciate if you give me advice on the right stone for cure.   – I have a couple of Crystals that have been useful in aiding children with autism. Charoite and Gold have great benefits for this condition. Also I would recommend that you try to get a piece of Polka Dot Agate as this promotes whole body health and has a special affinity with children. Two of these crystals are not very expensive and are readily available. Gold depending on the size and quality can very greatly in price. The crystal does not have to be large or of the best quality to work, they all work exactly the same as the structure remains the same regardless of quality ... Continue Reading →