Crystals for Anxiety and Depression

What rocks/gems/minerals do you recommend to aid in overcoming depression, anxiety, anger, and overall emotional pain? For self-esteem, the rose calcite and the rose quartz.. Lepidolite may be very helpful for depression, as are Carnelian, Jet, Onyx and Rhodochrosite. Anger the lovely Rose Quartz may help, for anxiety Aventurine, Lapis lazuli or Moonstone. Over all emotional pain, again rose quartz or the gentle chrysoprase may help. There are many others but these are all helpful and perhaps some of them will be what you seek. Hope all is soon better for you.. krissy asked best healing crystals for a medicine bag? I'm sending a friend of mine a medicine bag (along w/ a few candles and other things) and I want a few sugestions on what else to put in it, so far my ideas are rose quartz, quartz, amethyst, kyanite, smoky quartz, sodalite, melachite, unikite, titanium flame, and dumortiertite these wont all be carried at one time but I want him to be able to chose from stones that will ... Continue Reading →

Flower Essences with Stones for Healing

I have  been working with crystals and stones for about 20 years now, mostly driven by intuition as to what is needed. Lately, I’ve been feeling like I’ve been detoxing a lot of old fear and negativity, stuff that’s been stuck for a very long time. It feels like I’m preparing for some incoming positive energy. This feeling has been with me since February; has anyone been feeling like this? Anyway, I started with amazonite at the thymus chakra to release old grief. Then, I used epidote at some points for negativity stuck in the body. Now I’m using prase at the heart chakra to heal the “scars”. I’ve been using flower essences in conjunction with the stones and feel that they’re very complimentary for emotional/spiritual healing. I’ve used Bach, FES, and now a Perelandra rose essence. Is anyone else using flower essences along with stones for healing? I too have recently felt as if I was detoxing a lot of old fear and negativity, ... Continue Reading →

Bonding with Angels – Twin Flame Life

A few weeks back my girlfriend underwent surgery and while still in hospital she got a phone call to say her brother had died (committed suicide to be exact),  to help her I asked the Angels to link me to her to take some of the load from her while she healed. This past Tuesday she went with me to the Clinic while I had a Chemo treatment (wanted her to see its not so bad ) and afterward I told her what I had done to try ease part of her suffering and make it a bit more bearable for her. At first she could not understand how someone could love her enough to think of ever taking pain for her.. but in the end she understood. Anyhow..  My Sandi (whom I love very much) and I have decided to do a Bonding together with the help of the Angels. I’m planning to burn Angelica incense for clearing the room and Angelite to assist in calling the Angels. Anything else I should consider?   There are a couple of stones that I feel will help both of you. First take Rose Quartz, to your bonding ... Continue Reading →

Healing Crystals for Depression, Anxiety and Self-Esteem

I’m a stone and crystal lover always read up on the properties they have but never found anything on HOW TO USE THE STONES AND CRYSTALS to aid me in my problems. Can someone please lead me in the right direction!  I am 27,  2 kids, going through divorce, very depressed, angry confused a very low self esteem and tired all the time. I have a few stones and crystals with me which I know have the qualities to help me, I just need to know how to use it. PLEASE will someone respond? I really need some good advice soon.   I am sorry you are going through such a difficult time. If you have some crystals that feel right for you, put them in your pocket, or a small pouch to carry with you, place some next to your bed to help through the night, or if it seems right create a grid or altar with your stones, light a candle for yourself to help bring in the energy needed for you. I hope this helps, may all soon be better for you.   I can sympathize with what you are going through, ... Continue Reading →


  I bought a piece of okenite over the weekend and know nothing about it. could anyone provide me information please!    Okenite is a very loving and spiritual crystal. Most people who I introduce to it are very skeptical about crystals. With these people I always use Okenite or Magnetic Hematite as their first experience with crystals. Just place it on their hand, most of the time they will notice nothing happening, then remove it and watch for the reaction, it maybe slow in coming but usually they will say that their hand is tingling almost like the Okenite has been purring. I believe that Okenite is the crystal of universal love and that this is what it imparts to us as we hold it. It is good for stamina. Helps to cleanse all the bodies not just physical. Use for fevers and to stimulate blood flow. I do not know if the people you brought your Okenite from told you to be careful with it as it is delicate. No to delicate to hold but people will want to pat it like a pet, ... Continue Reading →